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Dr. Tan Min-Han

Visiting Consultant, Clinical Cancer Genetics

Dr Tan Min Han

Dr. Tan Min-Han is a clinician-scientist and principal investigator at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore, where he leads the Laboratory of Systems Medicine. He has clinical responsibilities as a visiting consultant medical oncologist at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, where he specializes in urological cancers and clinical cancer genetics. He received his medical degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1998 with the Brunel Hawes Gold Medal, the Nestle Gold Medal in Paediatrics, and the Lim Boon Keng Medal for Internal Medicine. Subsequently, he completed medical oncology fellowship training at the National Cancer Centre Singapore in 2008. He was awarded a Ph.D. for studies of the molecular epidemiology of kidney cancer from NUS, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer genetics at the Van Andel Research Institute, Michigan and a clinical cancer genetics fellowship at the Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio. He was elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh in 2015. As the lead editor of the Singapore Cancer Network (SCAN), he oversees the development of the national practice framework for cancer care in Singapore. He is concurrently the chairman of the Drug Advisory Committee-Oncology Drug Subcommittee of the Ministry of Health, Singapore, advising on national policy in utilization and support for cancer drugs.

Dr. Tan’s laboratory research interests centre on novel cancer diagnostics, with a special interest in circulating biomarkers and cellular models of drug discovery, as well as nanomedicine. Dr. Tan has contributed over 100 original papers spanning a diverse range of topics and has received international and national awards for contributions to research, teaching and clinical service. His clinical interests focus on optimizing cancer care through clinical modeling and pharmacogenomics. He has developed a therapeutic regimen for renal cell carcinoma involving sunitinib dose attenuation in current widespread international real-world use. He has developed prognostic models for a broad range of cancers, including renal cell carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma ( and breast phyllodes tumors ( He designed the Cleveland Clinic Score ( to evaluate individual risk of germline PTEN mutations, and developed corresponding international adult and pediatric criteria. He is an inventor of several practical diagnostic assays in oncology licensed to industry for development, including a predictive assay for anti-angiogenic drug response in renal cell carcinoma undergoing clinical trials, allele-specific PCR assays for lung and colorectal cancer, and a parafibromin monoclonal antibody currently used in routine clinical service pathology laboratories worldwide for differential diagnosis of parathyroid tumors. He has designed novel methods of drug delivery using green tea polyphenols, which are currently undergoing preclinical pipeline development. He is a member of several international research and clinical collaborations; he is a steering committee member of the International Consortium for the Investigation of Renal Malignancies (I-ConFIRM) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the USA, a member of the Cochrane Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group and a Board Member of the Hereditary Leiomyomatosis-Renal Cell Carcinoma Family Alliance.

Dr. Tan is involved in teaching and mentorship to physicians, scientists and students. He continues to teach at the National University of Singapore and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, and has received clinical mentorship and role-model awards from NUS, as well as Singapore Health Services. He has supervised and graduated PhD students, and provides guidance for physician and scientist trainees at all levels from postdoctoral to secondary school/ polytechnic students in his laboratory. His scientific trainees and medical students have been awarded international and national prizes for research work. As the A*STAR Graduate Academy clinician-scientist mentor, he provides career guidance to all MBBS / PhD scholarship recipients.



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