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Medical Treatment

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapies work by influencing the processes that control growth, division, and spread of cancer cells, as well as the signals that cause cancer cells to die naturally (the way normal cells do when they are damaged or old). Targeted therapies work in several ways.


Cancer immunotherapyis the use of the immune system to reject cancer. The main premise is stimulating the patient's immune system to attack the cancer cells .This can be either through immunization of the patient (e.g., by administering a cancer vaccine).

Hormonal Therapy

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate specific body functions. They are produced by various glands in the body and enter the bloodstream, where they travel to other tissues and exert their influence.


Chemotherapy is the therapy of Cancer that uses medications to kill cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy plays an important role to treat most cancer diseases.Chemotherapy can be used to eliminate and cure cancer or control the degree of progression.


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